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Chilliwack – Foley Lake FSR (aka Chipmunk, Thurston)

Total distance: 94511 m
Max elevation: 388 m
Min elevation: 1 m
Total climbing: 1572 m
Total descent: -1584 m
Average speed: 11.16 m/s
Total Time: 06:27:01


Take Chilliwack Lake Rd; just past the Ford Mountain Correctional Centre, turn left onto the Chilliwack - Foley Lake FSR. The main road forks within a couple hundred feet; the right branch leads to a parking area where you can off-load your quad. Two trails lead off from the back of the parking lot; the right branch terminates quickly. The left branch is a nice ATV trail (rating: 2) that turns into an overgrown shelf road above the valley; it has some dips and slight off-camber sections. It's a neat trail, but unfortunately it terminates after a couple km's. The main FSR (rating: 1) is the left branch before the parking lot. If you turn right after the first bridge, you will be able to access Foley Lake, a popular fishing spot. If you turn left after the first bridge onto Chilliwack Bench FSR (un-signed), you can access numerous branches and side roads that lead off and climb up into the mountains. There are a lot of moderate and challenging trails in this area. Some are short jaunts through the forest that form a loop back to the main road; others such as the "Just a Few Tokin' Bears" and "Jamtart Hill" trails (rating: 5) go on for quite a ways and have branches of their own. From the gravel pit, if you take the main road west and turn right onto the Thurston Mountain road, you will eventually arrive at a viewpoint over-looking Chilliwack, and on a clear day you can see right into Harrison Lake. You can continue the loop which will bring you back to the gravel pit via Chipmunk Creek FSR, and there are numerous branches off this road, some of which form loops of their own such as Screamer and the area around the base of Jamtart Hill (rating: 2-5). Heading west past the Thurston turnoff onto Bench Road, you can access the "lower loop" (rating: 2) which is a nice forest trail suitable for newer riders looking to improve their skills. We opened up a loop trail As of 2010, one of the local MC clubs has put trail markers at the start of most trails east of the Thurston turn-off. There's something for everyone here. Written by Greg.


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