Brandywine Snowmobiling Area

Total distance: 60994 m
Max elevation: 0 m
Min elevation: 0 m
Total climbing: 0 m
Total descent: 0 m
Average speed: 0.00 m/s

Brandywine Snowmobiling Area Description

Located just a few minutes south of Whistler is one of the most popular places to ride in the Sea to Sky Corridor. The zone has plenty of terrain to offer for the novice to the expert rider from wide-open glaciers to unlimited sub-alpine trees. I have been riding here for five seasons and still find new zones and features every ride. The region gets hit so hard by storm cycles that a jump or drop that you have hit even a few days prior will be totally buried and a broken down machine will be lost overnight!

The area is pretty much one big loop. On the way up the cat track you have an option to go right up to the Meadows or left up to Chocolate bowl. If you take a right up to the Meadows you’ll find a massive bowl full of every type of riding from boondocking in the sparse trees to big cliffs drops and pow descents from the alpine back to the meadows. On a typical waist deep day, a tank of gas can be burnt in a matter of hours just in the meadows.
From the meadows you can make your way up to Brandywine Mountain via the S-Chute or the Gauntlet. Both are long climbs that may take a few tries to summit on a deep day, but can be crawled up with ease when the snow pack has settled. Once up top in the high alpine there’s an incredible 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains. One of the best views just south of Brandywine is of the massive Black Tusk Mountain (2,319m/7,608ft) in the Garibaldi Park. Once you pass Brandywine Peak (1,945m/6,380ft) and cross the mountain passes you’ll drop down to Grizzly Lake. From the lake, the route climbs past the towering peak of Mt.Cayley (2,124m/6,969ft) and onwards to the summit of Powder Mountain (2,227m/7,305ft). From here the options are endless on this sea of untouched snow and scattered peaks. It’s something that everyone needs to see at least once!
At this point, you can choose to explore the glacier or continue on the loop. After you backtrack to Grizzly lake, you’ll climb up and over the ridge to Chocolate Bowl and Mt.Fee (1,964m/6,442ft). This zone is similar to the vast terrain of the Meadows and is a favourite place to visit by many Sea to Sky locals.

The Callaghan/Brandywine valleys are located in the Coast
Mountain region of British Columbia, 13 km west of the ski resort
village of Whistler and approximately 88 km north of Vancouver.

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